I am wife to the most incredible man, a mommy to 3 sweet little boys, a lover of Jesus, a runner, a Panera + latte addict, lover of instagram, a girl that loves skinny jeans + frye boots, a friend + a true yankee born + raised in Minnesota.



I’ve always had a creative side…

Growing up, I created church + school bulletin boards, designed t-shirts, participated in plays + bands, designed posters, made arts + crafts, played the piano + saxophone + of course, played in nature (the dirt, to be particular). In college, I landed on a master’s of science degree in soil science (that’s creative + interesting, isn’t it?). I have been a soil scientist for over 10 years and LOVE it. And yes…my license plate does say DRT RKS (dirt rocks)! But something simple is missing in those old soils profiles + pits…my creativity!!

My love for photography grew out of a love for exploring creation + thriving for creativity. I have always viewed photography as a creative outlet. Photography allowed me to slow down + engage the world around me + really notice God’s amazing creation. It taught me that my world is always changing: that a spider web might not be there tomorrow or the sun may not hit the trees in the same way for several days; that irises last about a week; leaves fall + snow drifts; love changes; homes decay; trees grow; that today will not look like tomorrow. Then in 2009, I became a mom + my love for photography grew even more – knowing now how even more special every life moment is + how important it is to capture these special times.

I now experience this profound truth in a whole new light. My work has a new purpose: to capture life moments. The fleeting moments of children + the wondrous moments of celebrating love.

I can tell you the story behind every picture i capture…a story about each + every person in front of my lens.

I don’t just take pictures – I capture moments. With my whole heart…my whole self. I fall in love. I watch. I capture.

I want you to enjoy my work as much as I LOVE capturing it. So grab your favorite cup of coffee, your favorite chair + enjoy my work…my passion.